Saturday, September 20. 2014
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Kurdistan Region grows faster than rest of Iraq

According to some surveys from Slaymany Statistic Directorate, per capita income in Kurdistan Region is twice bigger than the rest of Iraq.
The rate of poverty in Kurdistan Region is 5% and in the rest of Iraq it is 23%. The rate of unemployment in Kurdistan Region is 6% while in the rest of Iraq it is 8%.

The natural population growth in Kurdistan Region is 3% and those between ages of 15-34 constitute 34% of Kurdistan Region population. Those aged between 15-64 make up 61% of the total population. Kurdistan has a very low dependent population rate.
The female participation rate in education process is 98% while in the rest of Iraq it is 94%.
Kurdistan Region is more developed than the rest of Iraq in terms of education, economy and per capita income.


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